San Antonio: One of The Strongest Real Estate Markets


Through the Lens of Assets & Architects

San Antonio regularly tops the charts as one of the greatest american cities:

#7 Largest by Population at 1,541,456 in 2018

#14 Best City to Live (2018 US News and World Report)

#17 Best City for Job Seekers (2018 World Recruitment Company)

#4 Best City for Millenials (Apartment List 2018)

#8 Best Place to Retire (2018 US News and World Report)

But it's all a secret. This is where we come in. 

Looking to Sell?

Let us Optimize your Return.

Home equity is the number one source of wealth for most Americans. Ensuring that you maximize your sale returns is a pivotal moment in your lifelong financial well-being. An optimized sale could be the difference between exponential growth or general stagnation of your personal finances. You need the help of a well rounded professional.

Looking to Buy?

We can Stretch your Dollar.

Selecting the right home is about identifying value. We are all unique, and this is one of your greatest advantages in the marketplace. We strive to match clients with homes that uniquely speak to them, bring them joy, and offer something that is otherwise undervalued by the rest of the market. This philosophy creates value. We supplement this value-creation with active cost-saving measures as perpetual students of the art of negotiation. The listing price is irrelevant and we might be able to save you lots of money. 

Assets & Architects is a small collection of dedicated, passionate professionals. We know that it is quality citizens and invested customers that make our world tick. The company is led by a widely-versed local real estate entrepreneur that would love to help you buy or sell your home.   Here is the short list of Ben Bowman's qualifications:

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent. Focusing on negotiation excellence.
  • Licensed Architect. Focusing on enriching environments.
  • Licensed Contractor. Focusing on quality construction practices.

We would be Honored to Work with You. 


Ben Bowman is a licensed real estate agent with the following brokerage:

Southwest Realty Advisors LLC

12785 HWY 183 Ste. 125 Austin, TX 78750

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